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For Advanced Users

It’s good to understand the workings behind the foreign exchange market. The material discusses applied methods and techniques for understanding the fundamentals of the stock market.

Global Trading

We recommend users take the time to know aggregate movements in various markets. We also advise our readers to learn the basics of popular financial products and explore the multiple factors affecting the markets.

Psychology of Business Trading

Psychology is an essential component of trading. This article explores these crucial facets of psychology in trading:

  • Asset 1
    the gravity of traders’ emotions
  • Asset 4
    traders cope with emotions, particularly those related to loss aversion, to make better decisions.
  • Asset 2
    to formulate a game plan that will make dealing with emotions easier.

Management of Capital

Mismanagement of capital is the most prevalent error among traders. This can happen when emotions take control of decision-making. The video lesson will explain why capital management is crucial for trading foreign currencies. It will also highlight the fundamentals of capital management in analyzing the stock market.

Analysis of Stock Market

We advise novice traders to learn the basics of the stock market. You should be familiar with the applied and theoretical methods of analyzing the market, and as exercises, you should be able to analyze yourself. Traders must understand graphs and other forms of data representation.

Specifics of Basic Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is the most widely used method for predicting market movements. Users should have comprehensive knowledge of modeling techniques used to study prices, forecast trends, and allow traders to form their strategies.

Specifics of Detailed Technical Analysis

Traders have to be fluent in modeling. We also recommend learning intermediate to advanced technical analysis approaches. Most modeling methods will use some form of graphical representation, for example, candlestick charts. We advise our readers to familiarize themselves with these tools.