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How to Deposit

Depositing on the GMA Pros website is so simple that you’ll be trading in no time. Once there are funds available in your account, you can start trading globally.

Make deposits via money wire or credit card; you can even transfer funds between existing GMA Pros accounts.

Bank wires take 2-3 business days to process, and you’re responsible for covering your bank’s commission rate. Contact your bank to learn about the fee and rates you’re subject to.

Keep in mind, transfers and deposits that take place within the same bank or through WebMoney involve considerably lower commission rates. Still, these rates will never exceed 50 USD/EUR.

Mastercard, Visa, and account-to-account transfers take just a few hours and are commission- free.

GMA Pros accepts EUR and USD currencies, with RUR accepted through credit payments.

GMA Pros is never responsible for late transfers. If you don’t see your funds within the expected timeframe, contact your bank or check with your card provider for more information.